About Me

Bio Data:

Full name: Steven Ang Kwan Yu (洪光宇)

Height: 175cm

Weight: 70kg-ish

Date of Birth: 28 February 1980

Likes: pasta, durian, celebrity interviews, stand-up comedy, blogging, attending other performances

Dislikes: spicy and sour food, small-mindedness

Musical Styles: opera, musical theatre, torch ballads (English and Chinese), disco numbers

Favourite Singers: Maria Callas, Renee Fleming, Cecilia Bartoli, Bryn Terfel, Madonna, Barbra Streisand, Cher

Favourite Works: Don Giovanni, Giulio Cesare, Messiah, La Traviata, Les Miserables, Sweeney Todd, Phantom of the Opera, Fidelio, Beethoven's Symphony no. 9, Verdi Requiem, Yellow River Cantata

I consider myself a true multi-disciplinary artist with experience in a variety of genres including experimental theatre, musical theatre, revues, recitals, choral music and opera. Trained as an operatic baritone, these days I consider myself a ‘singing actor’, with an ability to convey deep dramatic thoughts through the singing voice. I am also a writer, with a popular arts blog The Mad Scene and bylines in a few print publications to my credit.

So far, my international performance career has taken me beyond the shores of Singapore to the UK, Italy Germany, Czech Republic, Malaysia, Thailand, numerous Taiwanese cities and Greater China cities Shanghai, Xiamen, Yunan and Shenzhen. Having earned a second degree at Taiwan’s Soochow University has only strengthened my regional contacts as well as deepened my understanding of different regional cultures.

Chinese music forms an important part of my repertoire. Being exposed to Western culture these days I feel it is important for an artist to still retain connections with his roots, and I do that by performing Chinese songs as much as I can.

My performance aesthetic: to give a fully committed performance whether it’s a serious scene or comedy, going beyond technical ability to capture the mood and feel of the scene. I aim to understand the point of view of the creative artists - the writers and composers who produced the work that I'm interpreting, and adhere as closely as possible to their written material as well as bring out deeper layers beneath the written text. While I enjoy playing the funny guy, I believe that true comedy is the result of taking comedic material seriously, instead of simply playing for laughs.
Voice teaching:
Singing should be a fun activity, even if we are aiming for specific goals. Being able to pass on my experience to another is an honour and a responsibility that I take very seriously. I aim for holistic developments, grounded in solid technical knowledge but going beyond that so students can give a well-rounded performance that is true to his or her personality.

Students are encouraged to take up exams in classical singing or musical theatre, for them to measure their progress and provide the necessary motivation to do so. Throughout this journey, he will eventually develop a style to call his own, and sufficient technical knowledge to support it.