Singing Classes

Conducted by Steven Ang, a UK/Taiwan-trained instructor, graduate of Soochow University Music Department in Taipei with extensive performance experience in Europe and Singapore.

My methodology is easy to understand, fun, and new students often see immediate results. 


Stressed out? Often short of breath? Difficulty understanding good posture? Trouble speaking for long periods of time? Just can't shake the blues?

Singing lessons may just be the answer to these problems and many more!

Singing has been a source of great joy and self-exploration for me, having benefited tremendously from its mental and physical benefits. It would be my pleasure to share this experience with you in my classes.

I believe in cultivating well-rounded performers, with emphasis on technical knowledge, interpretation of text and music, personal charisma and enjoyment of the task.

While not everyone may aspire to be professionals, the process of improving your singing skills will also aid many facets of your life.

Benefits: proper breathing and posture through singing exercises, therapeutic method, stress management, sense of achievement.

Who should come: pop, musical or classical singers, whether you are aspiring to attain ABRSM certification, sing better at choir or KTV sessions, or simply looking for a weekend hobby. I have also worked with aspiring artists intending to audition, compete or perform professionally.

♫ Our student concerts:

♫ Private classes (on-going): 

$80 per class or $280 for a package of four weekly lessons. Students will get to enjoy a special rate of $70 or $240 per package or four.